Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Deal with a Lamp Shade on your Head

We've all had to wear one...

  They're known by many names: the Elizabethan collar, the "satellite dish", the "lamp shade" and even the "cone of shame".  

  And believe me; the times that I've had one on, I haven't been happy.

  But, sometimes the Doctors say we have to wear them after a surgery, injury or even excessive licking.   Without it though, licking or chewing can cause irritation and infection.
   Chewing at or licking an incision is a sure way to slow down healing too. The tongue, especially in cats, is so rough that it can destroy healing tissue and delay healing.   

  Licking can lead to nibbling and chewing, especially when nobody is around to watch us. Let's face it, sometimes we just can't control ourselves. And our families can't keep their eyes on us ALL the time.  
  Wearing and E-Collar, especially for the first time, can literally be a really bumpy ride! So here are some tips you can pass on to your parents to help you through it:

1. Be slow, comforting and patient with your dog. Be extra careful helping him/her get in and out of the car without bumping things. 
2. Make sure your dog has full access to their bed without bumping a wall or crate door. Move it away from walls or other objects she might bump.
3. Make sure water and food bowls are smaller than the collar area so he can eat and drink with the collar on. Put the dishes on something that elevates them so the collar doesn’t bump the floor when he tries to eat or drink. 
4. Keep the dishes away from the counter, wall or anything that s/he would bump into. You may have to move them as much as 6 to 8” away from a wall or counter.

  The good news is, here at the Hospital, we have different types of collars for you to try! Ones those are soft. Ones that you can see through. Even ones that blow up like a life preserver. Those are my favorite!

  So, hopefully this helps.  And you might even score a few "sympathy treats"  My Mom always gives me goodies when I have to wear a collar.... Especially when I give her the "sad eyes."

I know they're for my own good and I get used to it every time I have to wear one.

But, still. No one really wants to walk around in a lamp shade...


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