Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Happy 50th Anniversary to our Hospital!

The Hospital was originally a trailer, that was parked across the street.

Wow! It's been awhile.

  Sorry I've been away for so long, but when I tell you why, you'll totally understand!

 I had to help get ready for our Open House, Santa Photos and our 50th Anniversary!

That right! Our 50th! 

  Laguna Hills Animal Hospital has been here since 1966! And we are super proud of that.


The first time Dr. Acton saw our Hospital

 Dr. Acton took ownership on June 1st. 1983 and he was beginning an amazing journey. 

  Remodeling came first. Dr. Acton began a 20 year long process, making everything super cool and comfy for us furry guys. No detail was missed. He did it all!

Our original Pet Store

  One of the first things: a new Pet Store! Looking back at the photos, he did a really good job! Now you can pick up anything, from pet food to toys!

  And you wouldn't have believed how the inside AND outside of the Hospital changed too! Everything was renovated to be the best hospital ever!


Our new sign!

Dr. Acton checks out the progress

  We just kept growing and growing. It was awesome!  Signs went up and walls went up and everything just kept getting bigger and better! 

A tired Dr. Acton takes a quick break during the construction

 Dr. Acton worked and keep his dream growing. More and more Clients and Patients kept coming. They loved our Hospital so much, Dr. Acton had to keep making it even bigger!

  All I've gotta say is, I LOVE this place! And without Dr. Acton, his hard work and his commitment to all of us, Laguna Hills Animal Hospital would still be, just a dream.
I just wished I had been around then to watch it all happen,


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