Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Speck's Waggin' on Down the Road!


Hi again!

I just wanted to let every one know, that I'll be wagging on down the road...

  Me and my Mommy will no longer be here at the Hospital. So I won't be able to keep telling you stories about what happens around here.    

  For a little guy,like me, writing over 80 posts for all of you is something I'm really proud of. 

  I'll miss the many furry and human pals I've made here. I can't tell you how much me and Mommy will miss all the friends we've made.

A new Kitten Friend!

My best friend: Stella!

And a kinda scary friend: Nugget...She tried to hop on my head.

  I'm really gonna miss Dr. Jackson. She took so good care of my brothers and sisters. Talk about an awesome Doctor. She's the best!

  I think, what I'll miss the most, is helping my Mom put on all of the super fun Holiday celebrations! 


 Our Halloween Photo Contest was awesome too! Seeing everyone in their costumes was really fun! But, choosing a winner every year was really hard!

 I've only been around for five of the Hospitals famous Holiday photo sessions for our Clients and Patients. But Mommy has been making sure that Santa came to see us for 14 years! 

  Helping her (well kinda, I'm pretty tiny) put up the Hospitals Holiday decorations was so much fun. 

  I loved watching the bids go up on our Silent Auction Baskets! I never imagined how generous our Clients could be!

  And making all of our raffle baskets to raise donations for the Pets in Need Fund, was the best feeling ever!

  I know how much she loved wrapping up our seasonal raffle Gift Baskets. The baskets were a special "Thank You" to our wonderful Clients!

  My Mom also took some pretty funny pictures of me for my blog. Some were pretty over the top:

I know it was Easter. But really? A Bunny Costume?
I think you knew how much I hated snakes, Mom

 I always had fun though. Even with all the crazy costumes and poses she put me in.

Really, Mommy? In my bathing suit?

Did you really have to take my picture while I was in the tub?

 Even though I won't be at this Hospital anymore. There's a great big world out there for me to explore and write about.

I'll definitely keep telling stories. Just in a different place!

And I'd love it if you joined me!  

  I'll always keep the promise I made to all of you, over four years ago. To tell you happy stories, funny stories, and sometimes very emotional ones too.

  You can always visit me at Facebook page for more Blog Posts and other awesome stuff: 

See you there!


Let's face it, Mom. No one believed this one...

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